• 1We pick up 5 dirty uniforms at your location
  • 2We Scan, Inspect, and Repair your garments back to quality standards.
  • 3We launder your uniforms with a scientific wash process
  • 4We accurately assign each one to an employee along with one laundry bag
  • 5We drop off 5 clean uniforms on your scheduled delivery day

At Porter’s Industrial, we pride ourselves on being a leading uniform rental service in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. We commit to ensuring your team always looks their best with minimal effort on your part. Our seamless uniform rental services in LA, ARK, and TX afford a convenient and reliable solution for your workforce attire needs. Here’s what you can expect with uniform rental service:

On your scheduled delivery day, we drop off clean uniforms. We accurately assign each one to an employee, along with one laundry bag. This systematic approach means each member of your team receives their specific uniform. This way, you maintain consistency and professionalism in your workplace.

As a premier uniform rental company, our service extends beyond delivery. Managing uniforms can be a cumbersome task, so we take care of the entire process for you. We pick up dirty uniforms directly from your location. We offer professional uniform services that eliminate any hassle for you and your employees. We thoroughly inspect each uniform for signs of wear and tear to ensure your team sports top-quality attire.

We launder uniforms using cutting-edge scientific processes to champion cleanliness and hygiene. After this meticulous care, they are loaded onto our truck and prepared for the next delivery. With Porter’s Industrial, rest assured we manage your uniforms efficiently, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.


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